We are aware that there are so many options that it's difficult to choose the right one, so we decided to provide a small guide to help you purchase the ticket that best suits your needs!

DjangoCon Europe 2017 tickets went on sale on November 4th. Early Bird tickets are still available until January 16th, but keep in mind that we only have a limited set of tickets at this rate: we can run out of them earlier than the deadline date, so get yours soon!

Two types of ticket are available:

  • regular: reserved for individuals who pay out of their pockets
  • corporate: is for companies to pay for their employees. This tickets can report the company tax number and are deducible according to the company local law.

If you want to contribute to the Financial Assistance program, we made available the “Supporter” tickets: buying one of those tickets, you will get a ticket for yourself, and you will have the opportunity to help the grant fund to help other Djangonauts to attend DjangoCon Europe 2017.
Supporter tickets includes a 50 € donation, but you can adjust as you like. Supporter tickets are available both as “Regular” and “Corporate”, which means that both individuals and companies have the chance to donate.

What if you already both your ticket and you want to help the community? We added three levels of donation: gold, silver and bronze: each defaults to a suggested amount that you can change as you please.

All the donations collected as Supporter tickets or donations will be made available for grants in order to help the largest group of people as possible to take part in the conference.

We also provide special discounted tickets (50% off) for students and unemployed people, to help them entering the Django community. Just ask  for the discounted tickets are we will send you the discount code. DjangoGirls Florence attendees will also have access to the discounted rate, as our goal is to involve more and more women in IT events.

All the discounts are in addition to the Financial Assistance program: students, unemployed people and DjangoGirls attendees are encouraged to submit their application to help them cover the other expenses to attend the conference.

Cancellation policy is straightforward: if you won't be able to attend the conference any more all you have to do is to send us an email at [email protected] providing the number of your purchase order. Refunds will be available up to two weeks before the start of the conference.


DjangoCon Europe traditionally aims to gather together the most diverse group of people as possible to make our community healthier and empower the people.

We are aware that attending a conference abroad involves a non trivial budget: conference ticket, accommodation, travel expenses can easily grow to a very large sum which is not available to everyone: the Django community is very sensitive to this topic as general guideline for every initiative. DjangoCon Europe 2017 wants to continue and, whenever possible, improve this.

Together with the Django Software Foundation we created the Financial Assistance plan to cover for tickets, accommodation and travel expenses for attendees.

The Financial assistance program is open to everyone, but some categories will deserve a special attention: women, LGBTQA+ people, students, unemployed or people seeking new opportunities, and people with physical or mental disabilities which usually experience major difficulties in accessing the resources and developing a IT knowledge, leaving the door wide open to anyone else out of these categories to apply.
The vision of the program is that anyone has the full rights to being included by making their voice heard, no matter the reason for them to be or feel excluded. We think that the fundamental part of the preferential access to Financial Assistance is the individual in all their complexities and their history and their life, and that anyone needs the right to be respected and valued.

If you are interested in speaking but concerned about the cost of attending the conference, please simply indicate on the financial assistance form that you have submitted a proposal. If your talk will be selected you will automatically qualify for financial assistance.

Deadline for the requests is by the 16 of January 2017. We will notify applicants by mid February.

For further info please visit Financial Assistance page, ask our live chat or contact us at [email protected] .