What, When, & Where?

Join us for 5 days of Django delights in the heart of Europe. With its rich history, its phenomenal culture, and fabulous night life, we think Florence is an ideal city to host this year's edition of DjangoCon Europe.
We couldn't be happier to host you in our favorite city and we look forward to sharing a very special and magical DjangoCon with you.


The entire Florence city centre is a work of art and is famous worldwide. Everybody knows about its Renaissance architecture, paintings and sculptures. If you love art, this is the place for you. You can just walk and discover the city's famous and hidden beauties. What about people who'd like to enjoy the night life? As a very active city, the centre of Florence attracts a huge number of tourists every day and offers its visitors many night-life options: You can catch free concerts, dance in one of its many clubs, enjoy craft beer in a typical pub and last but not least, in Florence you can taste the finest Italian cusine: Ribollita, Fiorentina steak and Lampredotto.

The Venue

Odeon Cinema, a fascinating location in the heart of the city centre and only a few steps away from the most important railway station, will host the conference. Built in 1920, Odeon Cinema is the most ancient cinema in Florence. The cinema first opened in 1922 and since then it has hosted many celebrities, both Italian and international. 


April 3, 4 and 5: 3 days of speeches and presentations from talented speakers in a gorgeous venue.


April 6 & 7: 2 days of workshops and sprints.

Django Girls

During the DjangoCon Europe 2017, the Django Girls Florence team is organising their second event.
Many women will have the chance to attend the workshop and the conference. Do you want to be a coach, or an attendee? Drop us an email at  [email protected]


There's step-free access from the street to the venue and there is a wheelchair-accessible toilet on the ground floor. If you have further accessibility requirements that we haven't described here, please get in touch: [email protected]

Financial Assistance

Our tradition at DjangoCon is for nearly everyone to pay (attendees, organisers and speakers alike), and for financial assistance and free tickets to be targeted towards those who need them. Speakers who request financial assistance will be prioritised in the grants process, and we especially welcome requests from potential speakers. If you'd like to attend DjangoCon, but hesitate because of the cost, please see the forthcoming Financial Assistance section to learn more about Financial Aid for flights, hotel, and registration.

This policy helps us make the conference as affordable and inclusive as possible for everyone, and to ensure that funds go to those who will benefit from them the most.


This year we’re looking for volunteers to help make sure everything runs smoothly. DjangoCon is a community driven conference and the more people are involved in the initiative the more possibilities we have to create an extraordinary event. Diversity in the organization team is what makes the conference unique and a varied.

We’ve got something for everyone, from the person who develops Django applications for a living to the person who just tinkers in their spare time. DjangoCon Europe is a great place to learn, exchange ideas, and meet great people. We will be more than happy to have any contribution if you have spare time, please send us your application with your availability.



Important dates

October 3, 2016 

Call for Proposals opens 

November 4, 2016

Early Bird opens

November 4, 2016

Financial Aid Application opens

December 30, 2016

Call for Proposals closes

January 16, 2017

Early Bird closes 

January 16, 2017

Financial Aid Application closes 

February 15, 2017

Financial Aid Notifications

April 3-5 Monday-Wednesday, 2017

Conference Talks

April 6-7 Thursday and Friday, 2017



Why should we sponsor?

There is no better place to recruit Django developers

If you’re looking for Django developers, look no further. DjangoCon Europe is the most important conference for Django developers. Sponsorship will put you directly in front of your candidate pool.

DjangoCon is an excellent marketing tool

Do you have a product (hosting, SaaS, developer tools) that is useful to Django developers? A booth at DjangoCon will give you the opportunity to meet, greet, and demo your product to hundreds of potential customers.

Sponsorship is a way to give back

The open source community survives on the good-will of its members. If you operate a business that profits in any way from Django, sponsoring community events is a way to say “thanks”. By supporting the community who builds and supports the software you use, you help ensure its happiness, health, and productivity.

For more information or to reserve your sponsorship, contact us directly  via email . The sponsorship prospectus is also available as a PDF download.


Support DjangoCon!

We are seeking companies who wish to support the event financially. DjangoCon Europe is a non-profit event and your contributions will allow us make the event better. We aim to make the event as affordable and accessible as possible for everyone. We're also going to provide a financial aid program to help people from underrepresented groups attend the event.
If you are interested in helping, please drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

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