Why should we sponsor?

There is no better place to recruit Django developers

If you’re looking for Django developers, look no further. DjangoCon Europe is the most important conference for Django developers. Sponsorship will put you directly in front of your candidate pool.

DjangoCon is an excellent marketing tool

Do you have a product (hosting, SaaS, developer tools) that is useful to Django developers? A booth at DjangoCon will give you the opportunity to meet, greet, and demo your product to hundreds of potential customers.

Sponsorship is a way to give back

The open source community survives on the good-will of its members. If you operate a business that profits in any way from Django, sponsoring community events is a way to say “thanks”. By supporting the community who builds and supports the software you use, you help ensure its happiness, health, and productivity.

For more information or to reserve your sponsorship, contact us directly . The sponsorship prospectus is also available as a PDF download.


Support DjangoCon!

We are seeking companies who wish to support the event financially. DjangoCon Europe is a non-profit event and your contributions will allow us make the event better. We aim to make the event as affordable and accessible as possible for everyone. We're also going to provide a financial aid program to help people from underrepresented groups attend the event.
If you are interested in helping, please drop us an e-mail at [email protected]