Walking barefoot in Cascine park

THURSDAY 6TH APRIL 2017 – 10:30 AM


This is the only meditation that forces people to move for a happier life and to awake the preception of themselves in the nature. It's a challenge with urbanity, a barefoot walk to feel again the earth's consistency. A barefoot walk from Casa dell'Arno to Monumento all'Idiano and back, to discover land, water and ourselves through the feets soles. A completely new way to gain back a real contact with the earth. An experience to get rid of daily stress and and indulge in a little 'physical and inner peace. With Marzia Maestri, the On-Zon-Su operator, who will lead the barefoot walk suggesting to wake up feet soles. Thursday, April 6th, at 10:30 am Piazzale delle Cascine (next to the fountain).