🎉🎊 Party 🍕🍸🍹🍻

Tuesday 4th April 2017 – 09:00 p.m.
Braumeister , via Madonna della Tosse 12/R

The DjangoCon Europe official party will take place at Braumeister, a German style pub in Florence, with a high quality selection of craft beers and appetizers coming out from the kitchen randomly and made available on wooden trays. Non alcoholic drinks, such as juices, colas, and water of course, will be also  be available.


Upon arriving, show up your badge and you will be given tokens to get your drinks at the counter (either beers from one of the 20 taps, or any other drink) or by asking a waiter.




We also arranged four special menus for any dinner during the conference days, just by making a reservation  and showing the conference badge at the venue.



One drink

Vegan pie
Polenta with seitan bolognese
One drink

Cured meat selection
Beer risotto
One drink

Pork shank or mixed grilled wurstel platter
One drink

15 €20 €22 €23 €

Included drinks: any pils / helles / dunkel beer, water bottle, non-alcoholic
Coffee not included

Please make your reservation in advance to get your discount.
Reservations will close a day in advance before the date you want to book.


Fancy some board game after such a long run at the conference? We got you covered: three local associations will setup a games corner for attendees to play with them a and together!