Educatorio di Fuligno

Educatorio di Fuligno, a Renaissance convent located along via Faenza, an ancient pilgrims' way in Florence, and a few minutes walk from Florence main train station, is the sprint venue from April 6th to April 7th.


Founded at the beginning of the fourteenth century and called Fuligno after the name of Franciscan nuns coming from Umbria, who had lived there since 1419, over the centuries it has had many different uses. It was closed in 1800 and used as a female college. The convent’s refectory, a museum since the nineteenth century, has been decorated with a fifteenth century fresco showing the Last Supper, attributed to Pietro Perugino. 

DjangoCon Europe at Educatorio di Fuligno

How does it feel to sprint under a frescoed ceiling? You are going to discover it: the first floor of the Fuligno and rooms at ground floor will be available to djangonauts for sprint sessions and workshops.

You will be able to sit and work together in one of the dedicated room: the blue room, Vescovo room, or the frescoed church. Workshops will be held in the Loggia room. Other rooms and corridor will be available to take a break, relax, talk with the other people.

Lunch, coffee and refreshments will be served all along the spacious corridors of the convent.


Educatorio di Fuligno is close to the Cinema Odeon and Santa Maria Novella railway station. To get to the Fuligno, leave cinema taking the sidewalks on your right and turn left soon after, along via Sassetti and via dei Vecchietti, go through Santa Maria Maggiore church court, then walk towards San Lorenzo basil and turn in via Faenza. The Fuligno is few minutes ahead on your right.
To get to the station, leave the convent taking the sidewalks on your left and turn right, along via Nazionale. The station is at the end of the street, a two-minute walk from the Fuligno.