Lunch locations

Caffè Paszkowski, born as a brewery overlooking the city's fish market in 1846, and declared a national monument in 1991, is a Florentine institution. Located in piazza della Repubblica, a vast square which was once the site of a Roman forum and heart of medieval Florence, Caffè Paszkowski, together with Caffè Gilli will host DjangoCon Europe attendees during their lunch breaks.


The two cafes were involved, in the early decades of the 20th century, in the atmosphere of Futurism, as a renowned literary and artistic hangout. Paszkowski walls are still decorated with Futurist and Neo-Futurist paintings, while cafè Gilli, which operating since 1733 is the oldest coffee room in the city of Florence, shows wonderful belle époque interiors.
Live music is a hallmark of Paszkowski, where jazz musicians and pop singers are a usual night entertainment nowadays, as last century orchestras were for artists and intellectuals.

Have a look at the menu for the conference lunches .


Piazza della Repubblica with its cafes is close to the conference venue. To get to the square, leave the cinema taking the sidewalks on your left along via dei Sassetti, and turn right along via Strozzi. After few steps, Piazza della Repubblica will open in front of you.


Paszkowski café and Gilli are located on the left side of the square. DiangoCon Europe attendees will be assigned to one of the three lunch venues, and you will be informed in advance which one of the three cafes will serve your lunch. Please respect the assignment for an even split to minimize the crowding during lunch.