April 6, 2017 @ 9:30 a.m.

Designing Good User Experience

# Why UX?

User experience is an important aspect of any application/website/interface, no matter the size. Good design directly affects whether a user gets the most out of the application or not. Bad design on the other hand hampers their ability to use the application, makes them feel they are not in control and leads to frustration. Thinking about and designing user experience should be a part of any software development process. Budget, team size or time is no excuse.

# Isn’t it difficult?

Designing great UX requires a lot of hard work. Designing pretty good UX? That is actually quite easy. As Django developers (or web developers in general) we can't always expect to have UX designers on team. But you don’t have to be a UX designer to get a hang of it. Any developer, regardless of their experience, can benefit from learning about basics of UX design. And the good news is that even just the basics will get you very far.

# What will we do in this tutorial?

We will go through some of the basics of designing user experience. We will work together to show and try out some of the methods hands-on. You'll be able to bring your own idea/project to the table or work on some imaginary app. Going through these methods hands-on will give you the tools to design user experience of your next app/website/interface, or improve an existing one.
We’ll go over some of the following techniques:

* Story boards
* Need finding
* Prototyping
* User testing
* Evaluating (using heuristics)
* User Onboarding

## Who is this for?

**Anyone** interested in learning the basics of user experience design and how to use this knowledge in their development process. There are no other prerequisites.