April 7, 2017 @ 2:30 p.m.

Django-CMS Cascade plugin system

Last year on Django Con Europe, Daniele Procida gave an introduction on how to install and operate Django-CMS. This year, I'd like to build upon that knowledge and give an introduction on how to add content to the CMS, namely by using one of the most feature complete plugin systems available for Django-CMS, Cascade, which recently was released as version 0.12 with a lot of exciting new features.

In this workshop I will show how to integrate this plugin system into a running Django-CMS installation and show how one can quickly create impressive websites.
Then I will show how one can create his own plugins with a few lines of Python and HTML code. Furthermore I will show how to extend all plugins with common functionality, such as shared attributes, inline styles and classes, private rendering templates, content versioning and deployment from staging to production.