April 4, 2017 @ 9:00 a.m.

Navigating unconscious bias

Most people don’t want to be racist, sexist, or prejudiced in general. Yet simply living in the world exposes everyone to negative stereotypes about various groups of people, which can lead anyone to internalize harmful “unconscious bias” and accidentally discriminate against people they consciously respect.

I’m endlessly impressed by Django's dedication to improving our community. Every day I hear individual Djangonauts becoming aware of the dialog around unconscious bias, and searching for tools to be better to all the people in their lives. In addition, many of the tech companies, academic institutions, and open source communities where we work have pledged to tackle diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I'm a board member of the Unconscious Bias Project, a group of tech folks, scientists, and artists who translate the social science literature into evidence-based, empowering, and empathetic resources for our peers. In this talk, I’ll give folks from all backgrounds a toolkit to identify and counteract the effects of biased comments in our tech communities, whether you’re the target, the speaker, or a bystander.

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