April 3, 2017 @ 4:30 p.m.

Radio Free Django - Building a radio station on Django

🎤 Brum Radio is an independent Internet radio station based in the UK's second city, Birmingham. When I started at the station we had a WordPress website where the schedule had to be manually updated every week from memory, you had to leave the site to listen to shows on-demand and there was no indication of what show you were listening to.

My talk describes building not only a website for a radio station, but scripting a system to record each show and upload it for on-demand listening, without any manual intervention. I discuss how I built a scheduling system to deal with monthly and fortnightly shows (which is harder than it sounds), and dealing with fragile egos, while also presenting my own weekly show on the station.

It's a light talk presented by a very nervous but competent and energetic speaker, which aims to demonstrate how much you can achieve without being the most gifted programmer.

📊 slides 📺 video