April 3, 2017 @ 2:30 p.m.

The art of interacting with an autistic software developer

When I tell people I have autism there are roughly two common reactions. Either the mental picture of Rainman gets triggered and they don't believe me at all, or they just shrug and mumble something in the lines of "We all have a bit of that, don't we?" While I don't want to judge anyone based on those reactions, I think both perceptions are wrong or at least incomplete, and indeed symptomatic for the lack of deeper understanding of autism in the broader society.

Nevertheless the employment situation of normally gifted people on the autism spectrum has noticeably improved over the last couple of years. Especially in IT related professions, where autistics have even become a specific target group for recruitment. Thanks to those inclusion strategies, as well as improved diagnosis, chances are higher than ever for every one of us to end up working together with someone with a diagnosed autism spectrum disorder.

In this talk we will have a look behind the scenes of the autism spectrum. We will find out more about the strengths, weaknesses and invisible struggles of those affected. Then we will focus on the working environment of a software developer and propose tips and best practices.

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